It has been said that the leaders of African cultures make their decisions based upon how such choices will affect the next seven generations. Truly this is how I ruled Uganda. I believe that by utilizing
supernatural laws to create a unity consciousness though fear we are better able to address the needs of a changing society. The tales of orgies, cannibalism and magic illustrate my commitment to the ideals of a pre-colonial Africa, while not betraying the western model of Divine Rule. I have come to see that the world has grown cold as the Rational holds everything captive with its steely gaze. I have felt the power of consuming an enemy, and feel this is my gift to you. By electing me as Global President you embrace the lost pleasures of the Irrational, of not knowing who is next, and of things that remain unknown.

- No one knows where I am, I have become Immaterial.
- A documentary that I demanded be re-edited, and directed by a reputed filmmaker was made of my life, and is available on DVD.
- With a lower “kill-rate” than many of my contemporaries, I show that effective government operates just as well on fear as on bloodshed, and is less expensive.



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