Dear Voter!

Your World is our World. This is something we always have known. From the sweatshops and sex-trade of Asia to the uranium and diamond mines of Africa, no child will be left behind as a way to make us money. It is everyone's God given right. We Americans know the value of hard work, which is why we extend this offer to participate in our way of life; Democracy in the form of Global Elections. We do not like drugs or courts, but we love guns and elections.

In America, individual choice is a supreme value; this is why we bring to you some of the most extreme individual candidates for a global empire. To show we are not the closed, one-sided society many Europeans believe us to be, we have chosen candidates for you from many cultures. All these brave men have been on the cutting edges of strong arm politics. You should be happy we are giving you a choice! It is the American way.

To ensure the integrity of the voting process, we have re-tooled the voting infrastructure to make sure political ideas that have died or have been eliminated no longer remain on the voting polls, and implemented a security system that reveals individual voters who subvert our democracy will be prosecuted well beyond the farthest reaches of the law. It has been an honor working side by side with these thirteen historical leaders to offer you this historical choice; one leader, one world.

Your vote matters!