The work of Global Elections involves the skill and labor of dozens of volunteers who sacrifice time spent with officially sanctioned institutions such as Home and Work to make sure the transition to Global Democracy goes smoothly for you, the Eligible Voter. We at GE ask that you, too make a sacrifice for this new way of living that shall soon dominate all other arenas of life.


To make your vote more potent, GE offers global citizenship at rates far below local standards of bribery that you may experience at home, and for $10 dollars GE will allow your one vote to count as 1,000! Never before has such a value been placed on your vote. We at GE make this offer that both your vote AND your dollar counts.

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In the future Global Elections may provide Ethnicity Verification cards for a modest price, where you may purchase legal proof of "ethnic origin" according to officially sanctioned majority/minority status of your particular region. We do this here at GE because we do believe our slogan, "one world, one love, one leader!"

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