Citizenship Programs

Global Elections has one of the best citizen programs in the world. We have endeavored to provide you with some information about the various programs in place below. You may also elect to contact your nearest GE office or one of our citizen Lawyers/Consultants listed on this site. Please note that for each of the categories below, there are requirements put in place by the citizen Act and Regulations. Applicable requirements must be met.

A. Family Class: This is a program put in place to promote the cornerstone of Global Capitalism, the institution of Family. Global citizens and Eligible Voters 18 years and older can sponsor certain loved ones who wish to make Global Citizenship their new way of life. Relatives of the one that is sponsored may include certain dependents on their applications. The following are relatives that can be sponsored in this class:

* Mother
* Father
* Dependent son or daughter. Your dependent son/daughter must be under the age of 17 years and must be of an officially recognized Sexual Orientation when the immigrant visa is issued.
" Any other relative: this is applicable if the sponsor does not have any of the above or any family already with Global Citizenship.
" Please note that GE is above all a family friendly institution. It is families that ensure large purchase are made that keep economies healthy!
" Unofficial marital/sexual social groupings may qualify for Global System of Incarceration (GSI)

B. Refugees: Legally incorporated local organizations or a group of at least 5 Global Citizens/permanent residents aged 18 years and above may sponsor Convention refugees, members of a designated class and their families. Their sponsors must agree to provide them with settlement assistance for one year. This is to ensure that peoples from all GE states will continue to benefit around the world while issues of National Sovereignty from Rogue Nations are worked out (see Axis of Evil). All parties must meet the requirements of the Global Act of Regulations.

C. Independent: This class of immigrants encompasses skilled workers, entrepreneurs, investors, self-employed and assisted relatives. For those applying under this class, assessments are done based on the factors in the selection criteria. This class of citizenship was created directly as a result of consumer polling of Voters like you! With certain borders still in flux due to a final settling of power, certain items and goods desired by the market economy may fulfill our society's need for diversity of luxury goods. For instance, Persian rugs, Tribal basket weaving, intricate tile work, all these forms of goods will be available to any EV with the skilled labor from conquered territories. It also gives the skilled worker a chance at a better life under One Leader!

Entrepreneurs: This program is in place for those that have the intention and ability to purchase, establish or make substantial investment in a business or make substantial investment in a business or commercial venture. The business or commercial venture must be one that will contribute significantly to the economy and create employment for one or more established EV other than the entrepreneur and his/her dependents. We at GE understand that those who generate capital MUST come first under Global Capitalism.

Investor: You can obtain permanent residency via this program. To qualify under this program, you must purchase Global Citizenship as noted elsewhere on this site.

Self-employed: The requirements here are similar to those obtainable under the investor program, except that there is no obligation to purchase citizenship. An applicant must however show that he/she is sympathetic to the economic, cultural or artistic life of Global Capitalism.

Please Note:

Points will be given awarding special EV status for meeting the following criteria.

Demographic Factor: Note: All applicants score 8 points here set by Global Elections as the base standard. Falling into a different demographic may award a potential voter with more points.

Personal Suitability: This is determined by the elections officer handling your case. The base score here is 6 points. Please note that reference here is to an applicant's adaptability, motivation, initiative and resourcefulness i.e. whether an applicant will fit naturally into a system of values embraced by Global Capitalism.

Please note the minimum selection units required in each category:

* Entrepreneur: 25
* Investor: 25
* Self-employed: 70 (including 30 bonus points)
* Skilled Worker: 70
* Assisted Relative: 70 (including 5 bonus points)

Note that only base points are given, additional points are protected by the Office of Voter Security

Temporary Voter Eligibility: There are a number of programs in place that will allow non EV's to vote in Global Elections temporarily. It is important to state that each of the programs do have criteria in place that must be met.

* Pilot Project (for highly skilled law enforcement workers)
* Facilitated Processing for Information Technology Workers
* International Youth Exchange Program (military)
* Global Free Trade Agreement