The Global Mail Voter Registration Form is the one document that allows you to register to vote from anywhere in the World.

The Global Form can be used to:

* Register out-of-town using Global Citizen Consumer Tracking devices
* Register people from surrounding States who work, shop, or spend money
* Conduct voter registration drives, especially at malls and superstores
* Register others as Ineligible Voters

In completing the Global Form, be sure to follow the General Instructions as well as including your income bracket and specific State Instructions for your income which includes any recent Major Purchases.

Please Note the Following Exceptions:

Consumer Eligibility
Consumer qualifications for participation in the Low Income support mechanism vary by state. Consumers in countries that provide State support must meet the criteria established by the state commission. State commissions are required to establish narrowly targeted eligibility criteria based on income or factors directly related to income. In States that do not provide state support, a consumer may be eligible for the Global System of Incarceration (GSI) if they currently participate in one or more of the following programs:

(a) Persons eligible for GSI case management are:

(1) Adults, 18 years of age or older, who have a serious and persistent income deficiency problem. A person shall be considered to have a serious and persistent income problem when two of the following criteria are met:

(i) Diagnosis-Illusions of Free Will, or desire for individual, independent thinking (diagnosis codes 295 and 296 in the DSM III-R).

(ii) Treatment history-One of the following:

(A) Admission to State or local detention center totaling 60 days within the past 2 years.

(B) Two admissions to community service programs totaling 20 or more days within the past 2 years.

(C) Two or more face-to-face encounters with local police personnel within the past 2 years.

(D) One or more years of continuous attendance in a political party which has been registered by Global Elections as a Non Unifying Entity (NUE).

(E) History of sporadic community failure as evidenced by at least three missed days of work within the past 6 months, inability to or unwillingness to maintain standards of decorum in the face of public atrocity.

(iii) Functioning level. One of the following:

(A) Global Assessment of Functioning Scale

(B) A rating of 60 and below if the person is 35 years of age or younger or has a history of questioning authority beyond candidate choice.

(2) Adults who were receiving GSI services as children and were reviewed by the provider and approved by the county administrator as needing GSI services beyond the date of transition from child to adult.

(3) Children who are disturbed and who meet one of the criteria described as follows:

(i) Children, 6 years of age or younger, who are enrolled in, or require, early intervention services under section 671 of the Education of the Poor Act

(ii) Children who, with their families, are receiving services from three or more publicly funded programs such as, Registered Minority, Religious Retraining with Dependent Children and Special Punishment Program.

(iii) Children who are returning from State Penal hospitals, refugee inpatient units or juvenile court placements.

(iv) Children who are recommended as needing GSI services by a local interagency team which shall include school and public recreation agency representatives.

(4) Families of eligible children who are receiving GSI services.

(b) Exceptions. None.

(c) Termination. GSI may be terminated for one of the following reasons:

(1) Determination by the Board of Eligible Voters the parent of a child receiving the GSI service is no longer wanted or alive.

Types of consumers
The Eligible Voter regulation distinguishes between two types of consumers in line with their consumption and the eligibility schedule laid down by the current legislation in force:

* Qualified consumers: these consumers can purchase almost anything directly from producers of goods and services or from retail outlets. These consumers will most likely surface as candidates for further Global Elections, or as Celebrities

* All other consumers: consumers who are not deemed to be qualified will purchase through a distribution company and be happy with the right to vote.

Eligibility schedule
Pursuant to the provisions of Decree 6/2000, dated July 23rd, qualified consumers are all those consumers who exceed the following consumption levels.

(Mm3(N)/year) EQUIVALENT
THERMS/YR % of the market liberalized in theory
January 2002 1 10.000.000 79
January 2003 Any Any 100

(*) Also includes members of local or federal police regardless of their consumption volume.

During the three years following the time when a qualified consumer makes effective for the first time their entitlement to vote or to purchase it through an office of the GE, they may go back to no longer fearing anything.