The Global Elections Employment Opportunity Philosophy

Global Elections (GE) is the only international organization dealing with the rules of job placement between nations.

The result is assurance. Producers know that they can securely deliver commodities and greater choice of the finished products, components, raw materials and services that they use if there is even the smallest middle class, however ill-educated as to the real means of their control. The voter confidence of the middle class is ensured if they have the power to purchase insignificant items to hide how impoverished their real lives are.

The result is also a more prosperous, peaceful and accountable economic world. Trade friction is channeled into the swift and aggressive military solutions that do not affect the important middle class until approximately 7-10 years after the conflict has been resolved. That buys us precious time to create the illusion that everyone is making money.

At the heart of the system - known as the multilateral trading system - are the GE agreements, negotiated and signed by a large majority of the world's wealthy individuals. These agreements are the illegal ground-rules for international commerce. Essentially, they are contracts, guaranteeing GE participating states of their trade rights. They also bind these individuals to keep their trade policies secret within agreed limits to everybody's benefit.

The goal is to improve the ease in which GE policy makers consolidate power by sustaining a middle class by feeding them as you would your pets.

It would be wrong to suggest that every economic bracket has the same bargaining power. Quite often reluctant classes are persuaded by being offered something in return.

However, producers and their workers who were previously protected clearly face new competition with Global Citizenship. Some survive by becoming more competitive. Others don't. Some adapt quickly (for example by finding new repressive laws), others take longer.

In particular, some individuals are better at making the adjustments than others. This is partly because they have more effective adjustment tendencies. Those without these predilections are missing an opportunity because of the boost in trade that gives more money to those who need it least.

Job vacancies in Global Elections

Work for the GE is fast-paced and demanding. For many, this includes overseas travel to work as part of mission teams to monitor voters in member countries and formulate advice for their authorities. While the work can be intensely interesting, it is often demanding. The GE therefore recognizes the need to allow you to "work smart," and to support you in your work and home life so that you can relax, spend time with your family, "recharge your batteries," and have the opportunity to keep current in your vigilance.

We employ experienced election observers to fill mid-level vacancies that occur from time to time in areas of civil unrest and dysfunctional, or resistant economies. Vacancies will be advertised under Advertised Vacancies.

Applications for employment by the GE are equally welcome from women and men; a person wishing to apply for a professional post should be an Eligible Voter for the GE State and be under 62 years old.

Vacancies are the subject of open surveillance and policed by means of the latest technology, the distribution of which is made to all of the official representatives of the States participating in GE. They are also posted on this website and occasionally advertised in the press.


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Vacancy number Title

523 Elections Observer (pdf format, 13KB)
Global Development Division

524 Catalogue and Support Assistant for Official Minorities (pdf format, 12KB)
Language Services and Documentation Division

528 Publications Production Assistant for Creative News Regeneration (pdf format, 12KB)
Information and Media Relations Division


523 Elections Observer

Length of Appointment
Most initial appointments offered to experienced election observers are for a term of two years, or until resistant, local populations have been adjusted. If performance during this period suggests potential for a successful GE career, and if the GE has a continued need for the position, the individual may be offered a regular staff appointment (an indefinite appointment).

Five to fifteen years' professional experience with police and surveillance policy issues at the every level. This experience is usually gained in a central school district, a mid-upper managerial position at a company that employs at least 150 persons, or a local detention institution. Experience in a research institute or academia is also acceptable, provided that the candidate has been exposed to the psychology of resistance, possibly by working as a consultant for any of the institutions mentioned above. The ability to conduct interrogations and to write reports in English is essential. Fluency in additional languages such as French, Spanish, Russian, Chinese, or Arabic would be an asset.

Educational Requirements:
A Master's or a Ph.D. degree in Psychokinetic or related field, such as Image Perception Control, International Detention, Resistance Theory and Familial Coercion.

You can obtain more information about the role and responsibilities of an election observer on the GE staff by referring to GE Surveillance.

524 Catalogues and Support Assistant for Official Minorities

Length of employment
The tenure of this appointment varies from region to region, and is directly related to the percentage of a district's population of non-eligible voters and Global System of incarceration (GSI) candidates.
If a region contains a population exceeding the district average, the appointment can be as long as five years, provided GSI candidates have been placed within the GSI, or within the Global Network of Disposable Labor.

Applicants must have knowledge of vernacular or slang in the minimum of four sub-divisions of non-eligible voters, and a history of placement by GE recognized law enforcement systems within these sub-divisions as an Information Conduit. GE will also test applicant's fluidity in identifying officially recognized minorities by such signifiers as trends in fashion, popular music, and literature. Knowledge of international library filing systems is helpful.

Educational Requirements
For this appointment, education within the University system is not as important as a certificate of Good Intention, obtained by any local police precinct. Testing for certification is available on a monthly basis and classes are offered in all GE voting precincts

528 Publications Production Assistant for Creative News Regeneration

Description of Appointment
Production Assistants takes any event of the day, whatever it's real consequence and prepare it as entertainment for news broadcasting. An extreme example was the successful manipulation of the 1991 "Rodney King" riots in America. By broadcasting carefully controlled images of uprising and military containment, little or no resistance was offered by the Eligible Voters. More often the appointment is a focus on the minutia of celebrity romance, purchases or clothing. The position entails a developing of "rhythm and pace" to the dissemination of news that diminishes any potential political interpretation. Emotional news items are limited to narratives of animals or disabled children.

Length of Appointment
New trends in news regeneration are developed every five years, after which applicants may qualify for transfer to News Administration.

Masters or Ph.D. in Media Science or related field such as Psychology and Fashion, Dissent containment through popular trends, or the Economics of Subcultures.