What is the Global Elections Registered V.C. Program and Who Benefits?
Every year millions of people around the world are displaced by war, famine, civil unrest, and political unrest. Others are forced to flee their countries in order escape the risk of death and torture at the hands of persecutors. This flood of Refugees and the laws concerning their handling creates a problem for the flow of goods and services to Voters and Consumers (V.C.) In mid-1998, the Global Elections High Commissioner for Registered Voters and Consumers estimated the world's population of refugees and asylum seekers to be 13 million. Global Elections works with other governmental, international, and private organizations to ensure the flow of food, health care, and luxury goods to millions of Registered Voters and Consumers throughout the world.

What is the Voter Safety Initiative?
The Voter Safety Initiative (VSI) is an aggressive effort to reduce injuries and deaths that have occurred due to conflicting political systems. The initiative is designed to increase public awareness of the dangers of multi-party, multi-candidate systems, particularly in the hands of unscrupulous "free" thinkers. Extremes in opinion can result in arrest, abrasions and contusions and moral exhaustion. In some political systems, the opposition is so intense that it can leave a dissenter disoriented or dead in a matter of hours. The lofty ideals that run throughout history may appear deceptively calm, but the currents are very strong. Political thinking often leads voters into dangerous terrain and abandons them without the essentials needed to survive the Police.

What Can I Do to Locate a Thinking Person?
There are several ways to report a thinking person suspected of falling victim to the dangers independent thinking. You should be sure that the thinking person has indeed crossed the line of imagining a different way of living, or had plans to cross the line before they "disappear".

What is the Global Elections Advisory System?
The Global Elections Advisory System provides a way to distribute information regarding the risk of Eligible Voter (EV) acts against the Global, State and Local authorities and to the system of Global Capitalism. The system provides warnings in the form of a set of graduated "Threat Conditions" that increase as the risk of threat increases. Global Defense alerts the public of any changes to the treat level through privately owned media. In the case of level red, the State sounds the emergency alert siren. At each threat condition, Global departments and agencies implement a corresponding set of "protective measures" to further reduce vulnerability during a heightened period of alert.

Threat Conditions;

-Severe Condition (Red) - Severe risk of EV attacks (Spain)
-High Condition (Orange) - High risk of EV attacks (WTO protests)
-Elevated Condition (Yellow) - Significant risk of EV attacks (scattered, but containable strikes or protests)
-Guarded Condition (Blue) - General risk of EV attacks (insignificant independent thinking)
-Low Condition (Green) - Low risk of EV attacks (business as usual)

In the event of an emergency;

-Always have identification of Voter Eligibility and a record of Voter History on hand.
-If you have cable, always have one television set that can receive over the air signals so that you can receive instructions as to where and who to avoid both in public and the workplace.
-Assemble a first aid kit for your home and your vehicle.

Remember; always register to vote when registering your firearm!

Customer Service
Since its beginning years ago, the Global Elections has prided itself in providing outstanding service to the public, the press and the regulated community. Transcending the Commission's prescribed duties, the commitment to customer service is most evident in the Commission's efforts to encourage mandatory compliance with the GE Pay for Votes program and to facilitate public ignorance to other finance data.