In the world today, the winds of change fill the sails of a ship called Democracy. It is a noble, American concept. In order for our way of life to continue, healthy business needs to grow. For years, borders and cultures around the world have been disappearing, not to mention plant and animal species, and the world's great forested regions, but not without reason! As business expands, the need for a flow of goods and services is necessary. The problems of language, currency, treaties, borders and regulation of these will disappear as we become One by the writing of new constitutions for a new world.

We Americans are a nostalgic people, and yearn for the days of endless expansion. By learning from the past, we have taken from several forms of governing when "ruling" used to mean something, and have modernized them according to the needs of corporations. This does not mean anyone will be left behind. You may be working for one of these corporations now. Global Elections gives you a chance to choose who will steer the course from sea to shining sea.

By creating a system of Eligible Voters based on consumer eligibility, we make sure everyone has a place on this ship, whether it is at the captain's table or shackled below deck for future use as cheap labor. Not a soul will be forgotten as we sail across the waters of the market place to your shores.