Beneath the gaze of our satellite system, the entire globe is traversed by the wings of the great eagle, a symbol of strong predators from the Romans to the Nazis. Imagine all the people! A strong teenage boy works near the Nile River. He is uneducated but beautiful. Elsewhere in our great new land an old woman has no time to mourn the disappearance of her grandson; she knows she still has work to do at the sweatshop. A military ship rests on the placid waters of the Indian Ocean, as goods are unloaded for safe delivery. The labor of the old and the young are not in vain. All the magnificent landscapes of the world are finally open to all Global Citizens. Warfare, agriculture, natural beauty, commerce, and exploitation are all represented on the Global President's Great Seal.

The Global motto, Here We Rest, sits over the eagle, a reference to the fulfillment of Manifest Destiny, the philosophy of the great explorers and opportunists of our past. In the Eagle's talons are an olive branch and arrows, symbolizing the peace found through waging war, the olives are from California, the last place for the old world to rest, itself a symbol of how Global Capitalism brings you inferior products at a lower price.

The current seal contains images similar to past seals, although notably absent are the images representing Commerce. The boatman has disappeared, the neighborhood corner store, the Bazaar and the flea market. The ships are now larger, rigged military vessels, and no longer depicted as you all know what they look like.